Thursday, November 25, 2010

Somethings gotta give.

First off let me explain myself. I'm fat. Always have been. If you saw pictures of me as a kid you'd see a fat and unhappy kid. In fact everything I've ever done in my life is held back by my weight. Its something I've known all my life and have been trying hard to deny. My friends have always been good about trying to make me see the positive time even though they know the truth.

But I'm not stupid, I know. However I thought that I could make it up with personality and charisma. And for the most part thats right. I have always punched above my weight when it comes to dating, well at least in high school. Now that I'm out and in the real world my opportunities have steadily dropped to non-existent. It has brought me to the deepest depression I've ever been in in my life. Its made me have thoughts so dark that I dare not share them with any of my friends.

I can either sit here and wallow in my sadness or I can do something about it.

So I'm doing something about, I'm exercising and dieting seriously. Not in a casual sort of way. But in a complete and serious way. I wanted a way to chronicle this to help keep myself motivated.

All thats left now is to see how far this can take me. Shall we see?

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Casey Leigh said...

You know I love ya, no matter what you weigh!!! But as someone else who's dealt with weight issues moste of her life, I understand things as well.